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Unemployment Benefits Attorney

Unemployment benefits laws are tailored to make you financially stable when you are looking for a new job after loosing a job. According to the unemployment benefits law, when a company terminates an employee, it is the responsibility (or mandatory in some cases) for the company to provide certain unemployment benefits to the concerned employee. The benefits can be provided in different forms such as:

  1. A severance package, including severance pay and pay in lieu of unused vacation days.
  2. Compensation for unemployment.
  3. The employee should have access to the company's group health insurance.

However, to be qualified for the unemployment benefits, you should have good records. You need to have a record of a minimum amount of earnings over a set of period. Beside this, you should also have to be ready, willing and able to work. There are some claws which can restrain you from receiving the unemployment benefits:

  1. If you quit without any good cause.
  2. If you were terminated for any serious misconduct.
  3. If you are self-employed or you're a student.
  4. If you are on strike from your job.
  5. If you are unavailable to work because of illness or other such circumstances

Our unemployment benefits lawyer Mooresville will provide you with all the required information and benefit that you need in order to get the unemployment benefits from your company. We assure you with full trust and safety with your personal records as well. Our unemployment benefits attorneys are specialized and reached the height of professional excellence. So we can defend your rights and claims in the best possible way.

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