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     Emotional stress and financial uncertainty can result from suffering an injury.  We reduce that anxiety and uncertainty by acquiring the just compensation you deserve.  Combs Law understands your need to settle for damages. We use an aggressive approach to meet your needs and resolve your case as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Our firm will represent individuals and/or families in a broad range of personal injury claims such as car accidents, motorcycle accidents, uninsured and underinsured motorist claims, wrongful death, brain, spine and catastrophic injuries, injuries to minors, unsafe product injuries, hazardous property conditions, dog bites, slip and falls, and unique circumstance injuries.   

     We will strive to maximize the damage recovery for our client.  This will include seeking damages for our clients’ past and future medical expenses.  It also will include seeking damages for past, present, and future economic loss, and physical and emotional pain and suffering.  Contact Combs Law today at 704-799-2662 or email


     In wrongful death cases, Combs Law understands that no amount of recovery for a claim can make up for your loss or make your family whole again.  The only remedy the legal system allows is to force the party that is liable to compensate the victim’s family for their loss.  We know it’s no substitute but we will work to recover monetary damages for the economic and emotional losses you have incurred.  We offer free consultation and case evaluations to injured victims and their families.  If you or anyone you know has been seriously injured we can help.  Contact Combs Law today at 704-799-2662 or email



     If you have suffered injuries in the workplace, Combs Law will provide you with legal guidance.  We have experience in obtaining benefits for our clients when they have been denied.  As our client you deserve fair care and compensation.  We will seek to obtain all the monetary damages you are entitled to including lost wages, and medical expenses.   We are your advocate for justice! 

     The State of North Carolina has established rules and regulations for the administration of workers’ compensation benefits for employees injured in on the job related accidents.  Let our experience work for you in working with the agencies and systems involved in workers’ compensation claims. Contact Combs Law today at 704-799-2662 or email



     Combs Law has experience in handling third-party claims involving clients that receive workers’ compensation resulting from an at-fault third party, such as car accident cases.  

Contact Combs Law today at 704-799-2662 or email


     We represent employees who have been WRONGFULLY TERMINATED and RETALIATED AGAINST because of workers’ compensation claims. Contact Combs Law at 704-799-2662 or email


     Combs Law represents employees’ interests in a full spectrum of employment litigation.  If your employer has underpaid your wages, discriminated against you, harassed you, wrongfully discharged you, refused to pay you workers’ compensation benefits, or the Employment Security Commission has denied you unemployment benefits, call us for help. Today’s workplace is competitive and ever-changing.  You work with the intention that your diligence will be rewarded and that you will continue to advance in your career.  Workplace discrimination and harassment undermine your efforts. 

     Employees are protected by many federal and state laws which prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, family medical leave act issues (FMLA), gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age and disability.  Successful cases result from plaintiffs who can produce clear proof of discrimination.  As a result of a successful outcome, an employee that challenged an employer’s discriminatory behavior may recover compensatory and punitive damages, back pay and attorney fees. Employment discrimination has many facets including harassment, hostile work environment, retaliation, and wrongful termination on the basis of the protected classes. 

     Employers must adhere to federal anti-discrimination laws at each stage of their hiring and employment processes.  This carries all the way through from the advertisement and interview to the job offer and promotion.  

     Employees have a right to privacy in certain aspects of the workplace.  An employer may not search an employee’s handbag, briefcase, locked desk drawer, locked storage locker, or person without permission from the employee.  The employee has some privacy in their private phone conversations and voicemail messages at work, but doesn’t have a strong right to privacy in their email messages and Internet use.  If you feel your privacy has been violated by your employer, contact Combs Law at 704-799-2662 or email

     An employer cannot discriminate against a potential employee based on race, national origin, gender, pregnancy, age, disability, or religion at ANY point during the hiring process.

If you feel you have been discriminated against by a potential employer, contact Combs Law at 704-799-2662 or email to discuss your possible claim.  

We are prepared to resolve cases through settlements and are prepared to try your case in court when necessary.  We represent clients in North Carolina in both state and federal courts.  There is absolutely no reason to tolerate discrimination in the workplace of any kind.  You have options and rights.  Let us guide you in the right direction and take the anxiety away by informing you of your rights. Call 704-799-2662 or email today! 


     State and federal laws will protect employees from harassment that is based on race, sex, religion, gender, national origin, age, and disability. Success in harassment cases depends on the quality of the proof.  Damages are available as a result of a successful outcome. Call 704-799-2662 or email today! 

UNDERPAYMENT OF WAGES:  (Wage and Hour disputes)

     Combs Law represents employees who have been underpaid by their employers.  The law is favorable in most cases to employees that have been underpaid.  Providing proof that the employee has worked the claimed hours or earned the claimed vacation pay is a great challenge in “wage and hour” cases.  If your employer has refused to pay you for work that you can prove you performed, call Combs Law and let us recover what you are owed. Call 704-799-2662 or email today! 


     Employment in North Carolina is “at will”, which means that both the employer and the employee have the freedom and the power to terminate the employment relationship.  There are exceptions to this rule.  If there is an employment contract between the employer and the employee, the terms of that contract will control the employment relationship, provided the terms are lawful.  An employee may bring a wrongful discharge action under certain circumstances.  An employee who is fired for refusing to violate a law in the course of employment or for exercising a right conferred by well-established legislative enactment may bring a wrongful discharge action depending on the situation.  Call us today at 704-799-2662 or email


     If you are trapped in a sexual hostile work environment, Combs Law can help you realize your legal options and rights and work towards justice on your behalf.  Whether the offending party is an employer, supervisor, coworker, or customer, you do not have to tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace.  There are a broad range of classifications under the term, “sexual harassment” such as lewd comments, offensive remarks, inappropriate behavior, and posting of sexually explicit or pornographic posters, pictures or other visual material.  

     We will investigate your claim, and negotiate with your employer for a settlement, and file a complaint if necessary.   We are admitted to practice in both North Carolina state and federal courts and have many years of experience in litigation.  We will fight to ensure you receive justice for this serious violation of the law. 

     Combs Law also represents employees who have suffered retaliation based on a complaint of sexual harassment in the workplace. Call us today at 704-799-2662 or email


     Employees who have been terminated may contact the Division of Employment Security of the North Carolina Department of Commerce (DES), formerly the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina (ESC) to find out if they are eligible for unemployment compensation.  The DES/ESC has many locations throughout the state, or you can apply for unemployment benefits by phone or through the Internet.  The link to apply is

     When provided with the necessary information, the commission can quickly identify who is eligible for benefits.  Most employees who apply for benefits do not need an attorney, but Combs Law is needed if the employer challenges an award of benefits to an employee, or if the DES/ESC denies benefits.  When that happens and benefits are denied, the employee frequently has to appeal the denial of benefits.  Combs Law has the appeal process down to a science and can move quickly through the red tape and hearing process.  The law is favorable to employees in this area.  If the DES/ESC has denied your employment benefits, Combs Law will appeal the decision and work very diligently to get you the benefits you deserve.  

     Independent contractors aren’t treated the same as employees.  While independent contractors have more freedom in their work, they also lack some of the protections enjoyed by traditional employees, such as workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits.  They are also responsible for paying their own taxes directly to the IRS since their taxes are not withheld by the employer.  If you have a question about this, contact Combs Law today to discuss your situation at 704-799-2662 or email


     When leaving your current employment, let us help you negotiate severance and release agreements.  You should understand the consequences of all documentation before signing.  We will review and negotiate the best possible financial severance agreement, as well as favorable terms on your behalf.  We have years of experience with severance agreements and or non-compete agreements and will lead you in the right direction based on your goals. 

     If you have been offered a buyout in exchange for a release of claims against the company in which you were employed, we can help you by negotiating the terms of the agreement.  Don’t leave yourself open to unreasonable and unlawful behavior by your employer.  We will make sure that your rights are protected and your goals are realized.  Contact Combs Law at 704-799-2662 or email


     Combs Law represents clients in all types of contract disputes including life insurance claims, materialmen's liens on real property, and independent contractor commission disputes.  If you think you have a dispute contact Combs Law at 704-799-2662 or email


     If your employer has a long-term disability policy or Employment _______ Income Security Act (ERISA) plan and you become disabled and unable to work, you may qualify for long-term disability income benefits. These disability policies are confusing and the process of applying for long-term disability income benefits can be complicated.  If you believe you have a long-term disability benefits claim, call Combs Law today to discuss at 704-799-2662 or email


     Combs Law realizes that everyone has unique estate planning needs.  Since we are a family oriented law firm we have an understanding of how important the planning of your estate is to you and your family.  We will assist you and your family in these transactional estate planning matters: Wills, living wills, trusts, living trusts, pre-marital agreements, and durable powers of attorney. 

Probate Administration: 

      We will assist executors and administrators in the estate administration and probate process.  We will help identify beneficiaries, probate wills, and defend against will contests.  We will seek to challenge the validity of the will on your behalf for you and all beneficiaries.  We will try all methods to reach a settlement, but also are prepared to go to trial to reach a solution.   Contact Combs Law at 704-799-2662 or email


     Circumstances surrounding separation and divorce can be highly emotional and stressful, as well as incurring financial burdens.  We will handle your case with care and diligence and guide you to a solution that fits your needs.  We can be of assistance in family law in these areas…… divorce, legal separation, separation agreements, child custody, visitation, and child support, modification of child custody and child support agreements, post-separation support, alimony and equitable distribution of marital assets.  We will discuss all of your options under North Carolina law with you after we listen to your concerns. We do everything we can to keep your best interests and the interests of the children safeguarded.  Call 704-799-2662 or email today! 

*Modification of Court Orders:

When children age and circumstances change such as a drop in income or a necessary relocation, we will assist in modification of court orders previously established.   Contact Combs Law at 704-799-2662 or email

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